Dormer A095 series HSS TiN Coated Drill Bit Set

A095209 with price.png

Introducing the Dormer High-speed Titanium Nitride coated jobber drill bits, suitable for a multitude of jobs and materials.  Drills feature a longer shaft compared to other standard drill bits and can be used in both hand and machine drills. 

Prime Tooling stocks the following Dormer A095 sets on Promotion for May & June 2020

A095204 HSS-TiN  1mm to 13mm, 25 piece Jobber Drill Set  NOW $149 ea

A095206 HSS-TiN 1mm to 13mm, 29 piece Jobber Drill Set   NOW $169 ea


A095209  HSS-TiN 1mm to 10mm, 91 piece Jobber Drill Set  NOW $349 ea